When the Cuckoo Called: a poetic synopsis

In 2017, I published my debut novel "When the Cuckoo Called". The poems below trace the story transition, plot and character development. Poem 1: Winter to Spring, a transition Her wings tightly clasped, she held on to the warmth of her feathers;The frost so much sneered past herStill gave her delicate bearing a scareEyes closed, … Continue reading When the Cuckoo Called: a poetic synopsis

A Love Letter to Kaziranga

The sight of the interestingly splendid rhinoceros grazing in the signature grasslands, often solo or an epic mother and child, and always familiarly accompanied by a herd of deer, is frequent and spectacular. With the National Highway curving right along the borderlines of the national park, it is not hard to miss these endangered species at a safe distance and careful surveillance.